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In addition to the regular singing taught by the classroom teacher, there is a special music teacher who enables the children to delve deeper into different aspects of music, i.e., introduction of many musical instruments, learning to sing in different volume levels and varied tempos.  The children learn to hear the beat of the song and move their bodies to that beat through marching, clapping and use of rhythm instruments.

          Kindergarten classes learn to play a limited number of notes on the soprano recorder and perform simple songs.

Physical Education

          At the preschool level, tumbling and creative movement are taught at a basic level for gross motor development.  The children learn routines, creative movement and directional concepts.  The children are asked to wear sneakers to school on the day that they have this special class.



Children in the 3 and 5-day classes participate in the drama program.  The children are introduced to acting out familiar stories and characters.  These opportunities stimulate their imagination and creativity while building self-confidence.


          Conversational Spanish is taught to students enrolled in all of the five day a week classes (5-day, Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs).  Spanish lessons are designed to familiarize the children with the sounds of another language.  While we do not expect our students to become proficient in Spanish through this limited program, we hope that it will help lay the foundation for the future learning of other languages by teaching them to perceive sounds that are normally unfamiliar to them.

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