Accotink Academy Preschool was established in 1964. Today, more than 50 years later, we continue to proudly serve children ages 2 and nine months, through age 6.

Our program is based upon the premise that each child has his/her own developmental calendar.  Our teachers, therefore, recognize the needs of each child and direct their teaching practices to make learning a rewarding experience for every student.

We are a high-quality early childhood program, which provides a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children. At Accotink Academy Preschool you and your child will experience:


▪ frequent, positive, warm interactions among teachers and


▪ planned learning activities appropriate to children’s age and

  development, such as block building, painting, reading stories,

  dress-up, and active outdoor play

▪ specially trained teachers and staff

▪ ongoing professional development for all staff members

▪ respect for cultural diversity

▪ a healthy and safe environment for adults and children

▪ inclusive environments

▪ regular two-way communication with parents who are welcome

  visitors at all times

▪ effective administration

▪ ongoing, systematic evaluation


Children come to preschool with a love and trust that is normally shared only with the parent.  That love and trust must be fostered and protected in any setting that becomes a substitute for the home.  Our purpose at Accotink Academy is to do just that.

We welcome you to come and tour our program at your convenience to see first hand all the exciting activities in which the children are engaged.


Apply 2/9/2022
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to make learning so exciting that every moment spent within our walls will be enjoyed to the fullest.  We strive to instill in every child a postivie self-image and the confidence to succeed at any new experience or challenge.  Our teachers direct their teaching practices to make learning a rewarding experience for each student.

Our History

Accotink Academy Preschool was founded by Elaine McConnell in 1964 in West Springfield Va. Mrs. McConnell’s educational visions launched a program that has withstood the test of 50+ years of success and innovation in the field of preschool/kindergarten education.